Autumn 2008: graduate course

Name of the course: Mathematical Structures
Instructor: Jaikumar Radhakrishnan
and Pranab Sen
Lecture timings:
Set Theory:Wednesdays 9:30am to 10:30am
Combinatorics:Fridays 9:30am to 10:30am
Text books:
[H] Naive set theory by P Halmos, Springer-Verlag
[A] Algebra by M Artin, Prentice-Hall India. [HK] K Hoffman and R Kunze, Prentice-Hall India.
[An] Combinatorics of finite sets by I Anderson, Oxford Science Publications
[S] Enumerative combinatorics (Volume I) by RP Stanley
[B] Combinatorics by B Bollobás. Cambridge.
[C] Combinatorics by Peter J Cameron. Cambridge. [J] Extremal Combinatorics by Stasys Jukna. Springer. [AS] The Probabilistic Method by N Alon and and J Spencer. Wiley.

Lectures (Set Theory and Combinatorics)

Week 1
7 Aug 2013
Set Theory: Basic axioms. Suggested reading pages 1--11 of [H]. Problem Set (due 21 Aug)
Week 2
14, 16 Aug 13
Set Theory: Unions, intersections, ordered pairs. Suggested reading: pages 12-25 of [H].
Combinatorics: Permutations, cycle structure, standard form, the Stirling numbers of the first kind. [Problem Set (assigned 21 Aug 13, due 30 Aug 13)].