Most Cited in Computer Science from India

Extracted from Citeseer Reseach Index. This is an automatic citation index. It seems to record citations in publicly available documents over the web (typically post 1990),  although the cited paper may be older. As a result it misses citations in print.

Citations are a good measure of Impact of a work. Other measures such as citations in Handbooks/Textbooks, invited presentations in leading forums  are also important but not considered here as it is not easy to gather such data.

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    Most Cited Authors  currently in Indian Computer Science Institutes

    Citeseer Research Index's 10000 Most cited authors in Computer Science

    Authors in the above list who are currently in Indian Academic Institutes:
    (This is a manually screened list from the citeseer list of most cited authors in 2005.  It is likely to have  some omissions. Pl. notify for corrections.)
    Name Position in list No. of citatations
    (excl. selfcitations)
    No. of citations to Papers published after 1997 *
    K. Ramamritham (IITB) 279
    K.Deb (IITK)

    N. Karmarkar (TIFR) 2212

    S. Sudarshan (IITB) 2292 809

    M. Vidyasagar (TCS) 2270 815

    S. Chakrabarti (IITB) 1969

    A. Ranade (IITB) 3312

    K. Mulmuley (IITB) 2511 554
    S. Sarawagi (IITB) 3471 590

    S. Prasad (IITD) 
    (multiple authors) 

    P. Thiagarajan (SMI) 4494 480

    J. Haritsa (IISc) 4137 515

    M. Joseph (TCS)  5134 388
    P. Pandya (TIFR) 6520

    D. Dhamdhere (IITB) 8546

    N. Garg (IITD) 4493

    P. Jalote (IITK) 8398
    V. Borkar (TIFR) 7185

    S. Ganguly  (IITK) 9815 176

    * manually determined using citeseer citation search ordered by date of paper being cited.

    Some names representing multiple authors where  omitted  after manual checking that the relevant Indian author's individual citations are well below 150.
    On the other hand, some authors use multiple ways of writing names leading to under-count.

    Highly Cited Papers by Authors in India

    Includes  works with over 70 citations (excluding self citations) where at least one author
      1. is currently in India althought the work may have been  done abroad, or
      2. has work which was done/published when the author was in India.

    Extracted manually from Citeseer Research Index. Please notify omissions.
    Type   Paper/Book

    N. Karmarkar, A new polynomial time algorithm for linear programming,
    Combinatorica, 4 (1984), pp. 373--395.

    Abhiram G. Ranade. How to emulate shared memory. Journal of Computer and
    System Sciences, 42(3):307-- 326, June 1991.

    173 Book  K. Mulmuley. Computational Geometry: An Introduction Through Randomized Algorithms. Prentice Hall, New York, 1993. 
    156 Book M. Vidyasagar, Nonlinear systems analysis, Prentice-Hall, 2nd edition, 1993.
    M. Joseph and P. Pandya, "Finding response times in a real-time system," Computer Journal, vol. 29 A02, pp. 390--5, Oct. 1986. Comput. J. (UK). 
    Book Desoer C.A. and M. Vidyasagar, Feedback Systems: Input-Output Properties, Electrical Science Series, Academic Press, New York., 1975.

     K. Mulmuley, U. V. Vazirani & V. V. Vazirani. Matching is as easy as matrix
    inversion. Combinatorica 7 (1987) 105-113.


    S. Agarwal, R. Agrawal, P. M. Deshpande, A. Gupta, J. F. Naughton, R.
    Ramakrishnan, and S. Sarawagi. On the computation of multidimensional aggregates. In Proc. 22nd VLDB, pages 506--521, Mumbai, Sept. 1996. 


    R.Agrawal, A.Gupta, and S. Sarawagi, Modeling multidimensional databases, In A. Gray and P. Larson, eds, Procs. ICDE, April 7-11, 1997.
    84 Book Mark Spong and M. Vidyasagar. Robot Dynamics and Control. John Wiley and Sons, 1989. 
    R. Ramakrishnan, D. Srivastava and S. Sudarshan. Coral: Control, relations and logic. In Proc. Intl. Conference on Very Large Data Bases, 1992. 
    Jayant R. Haritsa, Michael J. Carey, and Miron Livny. On being optimistic about real-time constraints. ACM PODS, 1990. 

    Jayant R. Haritsa, Michael J. Carey, and Miron Linvy. "Dynamic real-time optimistic concurrency control." In Prooceedings of the 11th Real-Time Systems Symposium, December 1990. 17

    78 Book P. Jalote. Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems. P.T.R Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, 1994. 

    Please notify omissions to P. Pandya