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A page dedicated to activities in the area of Formal Methods in Program Design being undertaken in India.
We also maintain links to similar such pages around the world and to other interesting information.

The scope of this page is rather broad ranging from highly theoretical work on logics and models of programs to practical notations, methods and tools for program analysis as well as case studies in using formal methods.
If you use/work on Formal Methods and are in India, you should be on this page. Please get in touch.


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    Who's who

    A list of people, groups and organisations active in the area of formal methods with links to their home pages.

    Who's who database and mailing-list(not yet ready) will contain some basic contact information and information
    on specific areas of expertise/interest of the members of theFMI community.

    Who's who in Formal Methods around the world (from Jonathan Bowen's Formal Methods Page).



  • 21th conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science  (FST&TCS 21),, Bangalore, India (December 2001) with

  • Workshop on Reasoning about Large and Infinite State Systems, Chennai, (17-18 December, 2001).
    Venue: Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.
  • Workshop on Formal Methods for the Design of Safety Critical Applications:  Synchronous Approaches, IISc, Bangalore (19-20, February, 2001)

  • Sponsored by: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
    Organisation: R.K. Shyamasundar, Y.N. Srikant, K. Karunakar
    Lecturers: N. Halbwachs, F. Maraninchi, R.K. Shyamasundar, P.K. Pandya, A. Bhattacharjee (schedule)
  • Distinguished Lecture Series

  • Speaker: Prof. Amir Pnueli
    Mini Course of 4 Lectures: Approaches to Verification of Infinite State Systems
    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (24-30 January, 2001)
    Public Lecture: Taming the Infinite: Verification of Reactive Systems
    at Homi Bhabha Auditorium,  Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (2nd February, 2001)
  • Workshop on Automata, Concurrency and Logic

  • Organised by Institute of Mathematical sciences, Chennai (29-31 January, 2001)
    Organisation Chair: Kamal Lodaya
  • Special issue of journal Sadhana on Formal Verification of Circuits and Systems.

  • Guest Editor: P.P. Chakrabarti. Submission deadline: 31 October, 2000.
  • 20th Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science (FST&TCS 20), Delhi, India (13-15 December 2000).

  • Organised by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
    Program Chairs: Sanjiv Kapoor and Sanjiva Prasad.

    Past two years

    Projects and Tools

    Information on projects and software from India related to Formal Methods and analysis of programs.


    About This page

    This page in maintained by Paritosh K. Pandya,at the Theoretical Computer Science Group, TIFR, Mumbai, India.

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    FMI Database and Mailing List(under construction).
    We will maintain a directory of infomration on the members of the FMI community. There will also be a mailing list for the circulation of Formal Methods related information by emails.

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