Theory Reading Group: PCPs and Inapproximability - Autumn 2005

PCPs and Inapproximability (with special emphasis on the Unique Games Conjecture)

Time: Wed 1:00-2:30pm
Location: TTI-C Conference Room
Organizer : (<firstname> AT tti-c DOT org)

Reading Group Announcement

Group Meetings

  1. Meeting 1 (Sep 28): PCPs and Inapproximability - an overview (Presenter: Prahladh Harsha)
    The PCP Theorem, Raz's Parallel Repetition Theorem, Unique Games Conjecture etc.
    Ref: [ALMSS, AS, BFLS, FGLSS, Has, Raz, Tre].

  2. Meeting 2 (Oct 5): (1/2+\eps)-hardness of MAX3LIN and (7/8+\eps)-hardness of MAX3SAT (Presenter: Prahladh Harsha)
    Introduction to long code, Fourier analysis, Hastad's 3-query PCPs proving optimal hardness results for MAX3LIN and MAX3SAT.
    Ref: [Has].

  3. Meeting 3 (Oct 12): (1-\eps)ln n optimal hardness for approximating SETCOVER (Presenter: Jaikumar Radhakrishnan)
    Ref: [Fei, LY].

  4. Meeting 4 (Oct 19) UGC and Hardness of approximating Vertex-Cover
    Part I: Introduction to Unique Games Conjecture (UGC) (Presenter: Prahladh Harsha)
    Part II: UGC => Vertex-Cover is (2-\eps)-hard to approximate (Presenter: Sourav Chakraborty)
    Ref: [DS, DGKR, KR]

  5. Meeting 5 (Oct 26) Hardness of approximating Vertex Cover (Contd) (Presenter: Sourav Chakraborty)
    Continuation of last week's presentation.
    Ref: [DS, DGKR, KR]

  6. Meeting 6 (Nov 2) Approximation Algorithm for MAXCUT (Presenter: Murali Krishnan Ganapathy)
    Goemans-Williamson semi-definite programming for MAXCUT
    Ref: [GW]

  7. Meeting 7 (Nov 9) UGC implies GW is optimal for MAXCUT (Presenter: Eric Purdy)
    Optimal Inapproximability results for MAXCUT based on the Unique Games Conjecture.
    Ref: [KKMO]

  8. Meeting 8 (Nov 16) Approximation Algorithm for Sparsest Cut (Presenter: Jason Teutsch)
    Arora-Rao-Vazirani Algorithm
    Ref: [ARV]

  9. Meeting 9 (Nov 23) Hardness of approximating Sparset Cut (Presenter: Harald Räcke)
    Ref: [CKKRS, KV]

  10. Meeting 10 (Nov 30) Approximation Algorithm for Sparsest Cut (Contd) (Presenter: Jason Teutsch) New
    Continuation of presentation of Meeting 8.
    Ref: [ARV]

    Tentative Topics for future meetings

  11. Lattice/Code Problems

  12. Graph Coloring


A similar reading group organized earlier this year by Irit Dinur at the Hebrew University: Inapproximability Seminar (67996), Spring 2005.

The links below point to the actual location of papers at the author's homepages or other electronic repositories and the papers are not reposted locally.

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