Concurrency and Process Algebras



  • 2012 Autumn/Monsoon (Aug - Dec)

Reading Course 


1. Concurrent programming paradigms: Shared variable and message passing concurrency models.
Concurrent programming languages and examples.

2. Theory of algebraic specification:

3. Process algebra framework: terms and  operators, semantics: operational, denotational, algebraic, equivalences and full abstraction, axiomatization.

4. CSP and failures-divergences equivalence

5. CCS and Bisimulation equivalence

6. Advanced topics from papers of interest.

Sources and References:

1. Ben Ari, Concurrent Programming.
2. Martin Wirsing, Algebraic specification: semantics, Parameterization and Refinement. Book Chapter in Formal Description of Programming Concepts, IFIP State of the art reports, Springer Verlag.
3, Handbook of process algebra
4. Reactive System Modelling and Practice, Aceto et al,
5, Algebraic Process Calculi: First 25 Years and Beyond, Workshop Proceedings, BRICS, Denmark.

Grading will be based on seminar presentations made by the students.