Information theory and cryptography



  • 2012 Autumn/Monsoon (Aug - Dec)

Reading Course

Cryptography review: Encryption & Authentication.

Information Theoretic Cryptography: Shannon, Wyner’s wiretap channel, Secret key agreement,
Privacy amplification, Quantum Cryptography.

Information Theoretically Secure Multiparty Computation: Definitions, Secret sharing, Oblivious
transfer, Protocols, Completeness and reducibility, Composition, Impossibility results.

Textbook: “Secure Multiparty Computation” Cramer, Damgård, Nielsen, 2012 (preliminary
version), available online at

Additional References:
In addition to the textbook, several relevant papers will be made available.
For cryptography review, we will use “Introduction to Modern Cryptography” by Johnathan Katz
and Yehuda Lindell, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press (2007).
For information theory basics, we will use "Elements of Information Theory" by Thomas M.
Cover and Joy A. Thomas, Wiley (2006).

Pre-requisites: Exposure to cryptography (e.g., through an undergraduate course) and
information theory (e.g., by sitting in the Information Theory course which is offered in parallel),
and consent of the instructor.

Grading: based on presentations by the students.