Operating Procedures and FAQ


The list of courses being offered will be displayed on the STCS graduate studies web pages.
For rules about coursework requirements in STCS please consult the subject board guidelines page.

Registering for credit/audit courses:

  1. Students must register for courses within 3 weeks of  the start of term.
  2. The course name must be entered in course registration card (kept with Mr. Raymond D'Mello), Initials of the course instructor must be obtained by the student.
  3. All registered courses will be listed in student's  grade sheet unless dropped.
  4. A student may choose to "attend"  course lectures without registering with the permission of the instructor. In this case, no mention will be made in the grade sheet.

Dropping courses:

  1. Students may drop a course within 10 weeks of the start of term.
  2. The dropped course will not appear on the grade sheet.
  3. A student has the option of repeating the dropped course in another term for inclusion in grade sheet.

Crediting and Auditing of Courses:

  1. There is no restriction on maximum number of courses to be credited and audited.
  2. The subject board guidelines specify minimum course requirements for Ph.D./masters degrees. Additional courses may be taken above these requirements.
  3. A student may repeat a course at most once for betterment of course grade.
  4. In case of a credited course,  a course grade will appear in the grade sheet.
  5. In case of audited course,  only the word "Audit" will appear against the course in the grade sheet.
  6. The course instructor will set up requirements/grading policies for crediting and auditing a course. The requirements for auditing a course would be less strigent than those for crediting. (For  example, attending 70% lectures and 50% of assignments but no final exam.)