Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Component Sizes for Large Quantum Erd\"os--R\'enyi Graph Near Criticality"

STCS Seminar
Speaker: Sreekar Vadlamani (TIFR, CAM, Bangalore)
Organiser: Sandeep K Juneja
Date: Friday, 22 Nov 2019, 16:00 to 17:00
Venue: A-201 (STCS Seminar Room)

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Abstract:  Abstract: In this talk, I shall begin with explaining a model of random graph which is an instance of non-rank-1, inhomogeneous random graph. After discussing the criticality aspects of proposed random graph, I shall focus on the asymptotic properties of size of the top few largest connected components. This talk is based on joint work with A. Dembo and A. Levit.