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MobileDiagnosis® Model: Use of m-Technology in Rural Health Care and Education

ASET Colloquium
Speaker: Livia Bellina (Founder and President of Mobile Diagnosis Palermo via Sciuti 180 90144 Italy)
Date: Friday, 11 Sep 2015, 16:00 to 17:00
Venue: AG-66 (Lecture Theatre)

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Abstract:  Abstract: The possibility of capturing high quality images directly from the microscope, and transmitting them for distance diagnosis purposes using a mobile cell-phone (m-phone), that we define MobileDiagnosis, can significantly increase training opportunities and diagnostics quality while lowering costs.
MobileDiagnosis (MD) was born in 2008, by sending the first diagnostic images from a microscope field by a mobile-phone through a MMS, to answer to an emergency in a malaria diagnosis in Lampedusa Island.
MD has been exported from the emergency to the daily routine and from telepathology to several diagnostic fields and to the education by involving and training 227 students, in 6 Countries, with 10 Courses of basic health and community care and with practical m-technology.
MD is useful to educate and create ICT network within community or between isolated communities in a local/global network.
Our next action is to add to the local education, the first basis of micro economy and social entrepreneurship to improve local life by promoting health care and education, along with local productive activities, agriculture, farming, fishing, and all of other activities contributing to rural development. We Help people to create an economic and a social sustainable project; whether in little villages or in big cities, with equal opportunities and in a smart ethical new way.