L Phani Raj

About me:

I am a research scholar in the School of Technology and Computer Science at TIFR Mumbai, I am currently in the fourth year of my Ph.D, and my advisor is Umang Bhaskar.


B.S.-M.S. (Major-Maths, Minor-Physics) in 2014 from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - Trivandrum

Research interests:

I am broadly interested in the area of Algorithmic Game Theory. More specifically, I have been working on computation of equilibria in congestion games.

Theses and projects:

Master's thesis titled "Equilibria in Atomic Splittable Routing Games" at TIFR, under the guidance of Umang Bhaskar in 2016.

Master's thesis titled "Arithmetic Progressions in Permutations" at IISER-TVM, under the guidance of Sujith Vijay in 2014.

Project titled "Quantization of Damped Harmonic Oscillator" at IISER-TVM, under the guidance of S. Shankaranarayanan in 2013.



Phone: +91 22 2278 2949
Office number: A-206
Email: phaniraj AT tcs DOT tifr DOT res DOT in