CMSC 39600: PCPs, codes and inapproximability - Autumn 2007

Probabilitically Checkable Proofs, error correcting codes and inapproximability results

Time: Tue/Thu 12:00-1:20pm
Location: TTI-C Conference Room (second floor of University Press Building)
Instructor : (<firstname> AT tti-c DOT org)

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Problem Sets

  1. Problem Set 1 [ pdf | ps ] (Due: Nov 8, 2007)
  2. Problem Set 2 [ pdf | ps ] (Due: Dec 6, 2007)


  1. Lecture 1 (Sep 25): The PCP Theorem -- Introduction and two views.
    PCP Theorem -- two views (a) hardness of approximation and (b) proof checking. Equivalence of PCP Theorem in the two views.
    (Notes: [pdf]; Scribe Notes (by Josh Grochow): [ pdf | ps ]

  2. Lecture 2 (Sep 27): PCPs -- definition and Inapproximability of Clique.
    Definition of PCP Classes, PCP Theorem and its various strengthenings, inapproximability of clique.
    (Notes: [pdf]; Scribe Notes (By Karthik Sridharan): [ pdf | ps ])

  3. Lecture 3 (Oct 2): Linearity Testing.
    Coding Theory - Prelims, Walsh-Hadamard code, linearity testing, Fourier analysis
    (Notes: [pdf]; Scribe Notes (By Josh Grochow): [ pdf | ps ])

  4. Lecture 4 (Oct 4): NP \subseteq PCP(poly, O(1))
    Exponential sized PCPs for NP, PCPs of proximity.
    (Notes: [pdf]; Scribe Notes (By Andy Cotter): [ pdf | ps ]

  5. Lecture 5 (Oct 9): Proof Composition
    PCPs of Proximity, Robust PCPs, Proof Composition, Introduction to Dinur's Proof of the PCP Theorem.
    (Notes: [pdf]; Scribe Notes (By Bill Fefferman): [ pdf | ps ])

  6. Lecture 6 (Oct 11): Dinur's proof of the PCP Theorem (Part 1)
    Overview of Dinur's proof; Expander - Preliminaries; Phase I: Preprocessing (degree reduction).
    (Notes: [pdf]; Scribe Notes: see below)

  7. Lecture 7 (Oct 16): Dinur's proof of the PCP Theorem (Part 2)
    Phase I: Preprocessing (degree reduction, expanderization), Phase II: Graph Powering.
    (Scribe Notes: see below)

  8. Lecture 8 (Oct 18): Dinur's proof of the PCP Theorem (Part 3)
    Phase II: Graph Powering, Phase III: Proof Composition (alphabet reduction).
    (Scribe Notes (for Lec 6,7 & 8): [ pdf | ps ])

    Oct 23: No Lecture (FOCS 2007); Problem Set 1 Out

  9. Lecture 9 (Oct 25): Label Cover Problem
    Label Cover problem, 2 prover 1 round (2P1R) games, introduction to parallel repetition theorem.
    (Scribe Notes (by Parinya Chalermsook): )

  10. Lecture 10 (Oct 30): 3-query PCPs for NP
    Hardness of approximating MAX-3LIN2, 3 query PCPs for NP, Long code and testing.
    (Notes: [pdf]; Scribe Notes (by Karthik Sridharan: )

  11. Lecture 11 (Nov 1): Proof of Parallel Repetition Theorem (Part 1)
    Parallel Repetition Theorem - part I, some preliminary lemmas
    (Notes: pdf; Scribe Notes (by Andy Cotter): )

  12. Lecture 12 (Nov 6): Proof of Parallel Repetition Theorem (part 2)
    (Notes: see notes for Lec 11; Scribe Notes (by Allie Shapiro): )

  13. Lecture 13 (Nov 8): Low Degree Testing (Part 1)
    Low degree testing, Plane-point test, Raz-Safra soundness analysis
    (Notes: pdf; Scribe Notes (by Parinya Chalermsook):)

  14. Lecture 14 (Nov 13): Low Degree Testing (Part 2)
    Plane-point test, Raz-Safra soundness analysis
    (Notes: pdf; Scribe Notes (by Bill Fefferman):)

  15. Lecture 15 (Nov 15): (Original) Proof of the PCP Theorem using algebra (Part 1)
    (Notes: pdf; Scribe Notes (by Allie Shapiro):)

  16. Lecture 16 (Nov 15): (Original) Proof of the PCP Theorem using algebra (Part 2)
    (Notes: pdf; Scribe Notes (by Josh Grochow):)

    Nov 20: No lecture; Problem Set 2 Out

    Tentative Topics for future lectures

  17. Lecture 17 (Nov 27): (Guest Lecturer: Julia Chuzhoy) Unique Games Conjecture; UGC-hardness

    Problem Set 2 Due (Dec 6)

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