Sandeep Juneja
Senior Professor (Former Dean)
School of Technology and Computer Science
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
Phone: 91-22-2278-2725; 9967932124 (c)

juneja([( at)]) tifr dot res dot in 


Currently, Visiting Researcher at Google Research Bangalore


Distinguished Associated Faculty, CS Ashoka University





STCS - TIFR Oxygen Planner for States in India  (Information for Oxygen Planner)


My research interests are primarily in applied probability - Am especially interested in bandit methods in learning theory, financial mathematics, Monte Carlo methods; game theory applied to queues;

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Program on Advances in Applied Probability II (paapii)

(January 4-8, 2021, Online. ICTS Bangalore)


Workshop on Learning Theory 2 (Jan 3-4, 2020, at TIFR, Mumbai)



Covid related reports


      Mittal, D., Juneja., S. and Agrawal, S. 2022. Shift, scale and restart smaller models to estimate larger ones: Agent based simulators in epidemiology. To appear in Performance Evaluation Review. (pdf)


      Juneja, S., Mittal, D. 2021. Potential 3rd COVID Wave in Mumbai: Scenario Analysis (Draft Report).


      Juneja, S., Mittal, D. 2021. Modelling the Second Covid-19 Wave in Mumbai


      Malani, A., Shah, D., Kang, G., Lobo, G.N., Shastri, J., Mohanan, M., Jain, R., Agrawal, S., Juneja, S., Imad, S. and Kolthur-Seetharam, U., 2021. Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in slums versus non-slums in Mumbai, India. The Lancet Global Health9(2), pp.e110-e111. (link) Medrxiv version


      Achintya Eeshan, Sandeep Juneja, Daksh Mittal, Amey Noolkar, Ramprasad Saptharishi, Piyush Srivastava. 2021. Oxygen Planner for States in India STCS TIFR Oxygen Planner Team. A report specifying the methodology used in the oxygen planner tool developed.

      Harsha, P., Juneja, S., Mittal, D. and Saptharishi, R. 2020. COVID-19 Epidemic in Mumbai: Long term projections, full economic opening, and containment zones versus contact tracing and testing. Preprint. (updated_October pdf) (Early September pdf)


      Mumbai-Serosurvey Technical report-NITI_BMC-Round-2


      Mumbai-Serosurvey Technical report-NITI


      P Harsha, S Juneja, P Patil, N Rathod, R Saptharishi, A. Y. Sarath, S Sriram, P Srivastava, R Sundaresan, N K. Vaidhiyan. 2020. COVID-19 Epidemic Study II: Phased Emergence From the Lockdown in Mumbai.


      S. Agrawal, S. Bhandari, A. Bhattacharjee, A. Deo, N. Dixit, P. Harsha, S. Juneja, P. Kesarwani, A. Swamy, P. Patil, N. Rathod, R. Saptharishi, S. Shriram, P. Srivastava, R. Sundaresan, N. K. Vaidhiyan, and S. Yasodharan (2020). CityScale Agent-Based Simulators for the Study of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in the Context of the COVID-19 Epidemic. Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, 1-39. (link)




Potential Applicants to TIFR PhD program interested in working in applied probability or mathematical finance. Please note that in lieu of written entrance exam we accept GATE scores in mathematics (see). Selected students will then have to successfully perform in an interview to be offered admission.


Students interested in summer and other internships with me Please note that we get many requests and our capacity is extremely limited. Only students who have demonstrated exceptional mathematical ability and general diligence (say, GPA in top 5 percentile and above and strong performance in math courses at an IIT or other reputed programs) would be considered.


Editorial Service:


Associate Editor, Stochastic Systems (2017 present)


Associate Editor, Mathematics of Operations Research (2008 2016)


Associate Editor, Management Science. In the area of Stochastic Models and Simulation (2003 - 2009)


Associate Editor, ACM TOMACS. In the area of Monte Carlo simulation (2007- 2010)


Co-Guest Editor for a special issue of Annals of Operations Research, 2008-09


Track Coordinator, Risk Analysis, Winter Simulation Conferences 2006, 2008



Current Ph. D. Students


      Shubhada Agarwal


      Anirban Bhatacharjee


      Sushant Vijayan


Former Ph. D. Students


      Santanu Dey 2013. Goldman Sachs in Bangalore


      Ankush Agarwal 2015. Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow


      Karthyek R A Murthy 2015. Singapore University of Technology and Design


      Tushar Raheja 2016. (IITD, jointly with Prof. Kiran Seth, IITD)


      Sarat B Moka 2017. The University of Queensland


      Anand Deo 2021. Post-doc at Singapore University of Technology and Design





      Distributed bid processing method for open-cry and descending price auctions. With Manish Gupta. Filed February 17, 2000. Awarded July 31, 2007. Number 7,251,630.


      System for optimal resource allocation and planning for hosting computing services. With Johara Shahabuddin; Kannan Balaji; Sanjiv Kapoor; Vishu Gupta; Ajay Chrungoo. Filed January 29, 2001. Awarded April 5, 2005. Number 6,877,035.