Hi, I'm Umang Bhaskar. I am a faculty member in the School of Technology and Computer Science at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

My primary research is on algorithmic game theory, the study of computational problems that arise when multiple rational agents interact, each trying to optimize its own objective. I'm further interested in problems in combinatorial optimization, especially online and approximation algorithms.

Before joining TIFR, I was:

  • a postdoctoral scholar at UWaterloo and Caltech;
  • a PhD student at Dartmouth College;
  • an MTech student at IIT, Bombay; and
  • an undergrad at NIT, Allahabad

Somewhere in between, I worked for two years with Tata Consultancy Services.


Mailing address:A-239, School of Technology and Computer Science,
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,
Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005, India.
Office phone:+91-22-2278 2288
Email:u@tifr.res.in, with 'u' replaced by 'umang'


2015: Algorithmic Game Theory
2016: Linear Progamming and Approximation Algorithms
2016: Computing Equilibria in Games and Markets (reading course)
2017: Algorithms and Data Structures


The Adwords Problem with Strict Capacity Constraints. FSTTCS 2016.
With Ajil Jalal and Rahul Vaze.
Conference version.

Hardness Results for Signaling in Bayesian Zero-Sum and Network Routing Games. EC 2016.
With Yu Cheng, Young Kun Ko, and Chaitanya Swamy.
Conference version.

On the Existence of Low-Rank Explanations for Mixed Strategy Behavior. WINE 2014 (short paper).
With Siddharth Barman, Federico Echenique and Adam Wierman.

Achieving Target Equilibria in Network Routing Games without Knowing the Latency Functions. FOCS 2014.
With Katrina Ligett, Leonard J. Schulman, and Chaitanya Swamy.
ArXiv version.

The Network Improvement Problem for Equilibrium Routing. IPCO 2014.
With Katrina Ligett and Leonard J. Schulman.
ArXiv version.

The Empirical Implications of Rank in Bimatrix Games. EC 2013.
With Siddharth Barman, Federico Echenique and Adam Wierman.
ArXiv version, conference version.

Online Mixed Packing and Covering. SODA 2013.
With Yossi Azar, Lisa Fleischer and Debmalya Panigrahi.
Conference version.

A Stackelberg Strategy for Routing Flows over Time. SODA 2011, Games and Economic Behavior.
With Lisa Fleischer and Elliot Anshelevich.
Arxiv version, conference version.
A presentation based on this paper, for a general audience.

The Price of Collusion in Series-Parallel Networks. IPCO 2010.
With Lisa Fleischer and Chien-Chung Huang.
Conference version, full version.

Equilibria of Atomic Flow Games are not Unique. SODA 2009.
With Lisa Fleischer, Darrell Hoy and Chien-Chung Huang.
Conference version.
A presentation based on this paper for a general audience.

Students & Internships
If you are not a student at TIFR and would like to work with me, please apply to the TIFR VSRP. Note that entrance to this programme is very competitive. I typically do not take students outside of VSRP, and prefer students that have completed three years of undergraduate education.

If your research interests are aligned with mine, send me an email with details. I may not respond if this is not the case.


My interests include photography, hiking, traveling to new countries and places, playing chess, board games, reading and (very occasionally) writing.