[CSS.324.1] Analysis of Boolean Functions (2020-II)

Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays at 1400 — 1530 via Zoom/YouTube

All updates on this course will be on STCS-TIFR @ Zulip (only available internally for TIFR members). If you wish to be added to the group, send me an email requesting so.

For people outside TIFR who are interested in this course, the calendar below will contain the YouTube links for each lecture that you can use to follow live (or later).

Recorded lectures

For those outside TIFR who wish to credit/audit

All lectures will be live-streamed and then uploaded on YouTube (they will accessible via unlisted links). If you wish to audit the course the course, you are certainly welcome to do so by following those videos.

The course schedule, and the YouTube streaming link will be available via this Course Calendar (.ical) that you can subscribe to (I’ll add the YouTube link to the event in the calendar about 1-2 days before the lecture). You can also keep an eye on this YouTube playlist where I will add all the lecture videos.

Anyone is welcome to follow the online lectures, and even try out the assignments (which will be posted on this page) on your own. If you have any queries during the lecture, you may ask in the YouTube chat and I will respond when I get to them (likely towards the end of the lecture).

However, since I have planned the course keeping in mind the prerequisites and backgrounds of our students, I am not in a position to offer a more active participation for a general audience (as in, I don’t intend to grade problem sets etc. of people who are not formally enrolled in the course). There are also other logistical hurdles that makes it a little cumbersome to make the entire course management accessible to people outside of our institute. Therefore, I won’t be able to add people outside of TIFR to the Zulip group as it is difficult to manage the access control properly.

Nevertheless, if you strongly feel that you wish to credit this course, then I request you to ask a faculty of your institute (or some equivalent person) send me an email supporting your case of crediting the course seriously, and that you can incorporate the course evaluation in your institute; I can then see what can be done to accommodate you formally.