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2023-I Spring/Summer (Jan - May)

Course title Instructor(s)
CSS.203.1 Computational Complexity Ramprasad Saptharishi
CSS.205.1 Toolkit for Theoretical Computer Science Piyush Srivastava, Prahladh Harsha
CSS.208.1 Information Theory Vinod M. Prabhakaran
CSS.315.1 Probability and Statistics in Computing Piyush Srivastava
CSS.330.1 PCPs and Limits of approximation algorithms Prahladh Harsha
CSS.333.1 Computational Social Choice Umang Bhaskar
CSS.334.1 Computable Functions N Raja
CSS.410.1 Topics in algebraic geometry Ramprasad Saptharishi, Mrinal Kumar
CSS.422.1 Random Graphs and Stochastic Geometry Rahul Vaze

2022-II Autumn/Monsoon (Aug - Dec)

Course title Instructor(s)
CSS 420.1 Cryptography from Lattices Akshayaram Srinivasan
CSS.318.1 Coding Theory Prahladh Harsha
CSS 317.1 Algorithmic GameTheory Umang Bhaskar
CSS.419.1 Topics in Information Theoretic Cryptography (reading) Vinod M. Prabhakaran
CSS.101.1 Mathematical Foundations for Systems Sciences Hariharan Narayanan
CSS.102.1 Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science Arkadev Chattopadhyay
CSS.201.1 Algorithms Kavitha Telikepalli, Piyush Srivastava
CSS.202.1 Mathematical Logic N Raja
CSS.329.1 Automata, verification, and infinite games Shibashis Guha
CSS.207.1 Probability Abhishek Sinha
CSS.209.1 Machine Learning Jatin Batra