Are we thinking about the world the right way?

John Barretto
Thursday, 12 Jan 2012, 16:00 to 17:00
I will talk about our efforts to create a living library of observation and method. By implementing over 9000 methods for data analysis and applying them to over 30000 data sets from diverse sources we have developed a highly comparative approach to analysing data from the world. This allows us to contextualize new method and new observation, as well as being a formidable data analysis tool in its own right. We have applied this approach to time series, networks and functions on discrete configuration spaces.

About the Speaker:

Nick Jones runs the Systems and Signals group in Imperial Mathematics. He is a mathematical Physicist with interests in the natural world. His research interests span topics in engineering, statistics and computer science and can be categorised into three areas: Cellular fluctuations and cellular energy variability, Principles of natural networks, and Structure of natural data.